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The Living Room at
Abbington Green Bed and Breakfast
Living room photo
Living room photo
Living room photo
Living room photo
Living room photo
Living room photo

   The LIVING ROOM at Abbington Green Bed & Breakfast in Asheville, NC is a lovely and comfortable room that measures about 30' x 17', has a ten-foot high ceiling boxed with large crown moldings into three bays. In the center bay hangs the original Dining Room chandelier . . . a 4-light Arts and Crafts style piece made of solid brass. The room has two sets of large windows, each set consisting of three windows. The large center window is a "12-over-one", while the two side windows are "6-over-one". Almost every pane is original and you can see the waves in the old glass. It's clear that the children of the Jackson and Peyton families were never allowed to play ball in the house! The room faces south and west, so it's always bright, particularly in the afternoon.

   English décor has shown strong Oriental as well as French influences for hundreds of years. So you can expect to find those influences in this room, too. Along the east wall is a large, original brick fireplace done in the Arts and Crafts style that was first popular in England in the 1880s. An "upright grand" mahogany piano built in New York in 1902 when the "ebonies" were actually made of ebony and the "ivories" were ivory is happy to be played. A chess set, playing cards, and lots of books are found here - many about the British Isles and gardens, of course! A large comfortable sofa and wing chairs beckon you to sit and relax awhile. Diamond Collection
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