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   For two decades, at Abbington Green - our North Carolina bed and breakfast, we have believed that you deserve an outstanding breakfast each morning. And not only will it be very elegant, served on crystal and china and with table linens that reflect the “bit of Britain close to home” that is our theme… but now it also will be made from substantially organic ingredients.

   Why have we chosen to emphasize organic and local? Are not “conventional” products and ingredients just as good? The answer is many conventional products may incorporate unnecessary or harmful chemicals including antibiotics and growth hormones and pesticides…so generally, we’d be better off avoiding them when we can. And, the organic products and ingredients are more nutritious…so we are pleased to be serving you the best of the best: elegant, gourmet, local and more healthful.

   The menu consists of a set menu of several courses… ‘chef’s choice’ each day, served right at 9am. Our “breakfast philosophy” is that breakfast at Abbington Green is more like a lovely brunch. You can expect local organic eggs, organic dairy products, and organic fruits and vegetables in our main courses. You’ll often find a lovely piece of cake served along side the fruit course. And breakfast may include something unexpected like an organic side salad served with an organic dressing. Home grown herbs, often from our own garden and greenhouse, are also likely to be included. And not to forget, we use the sweet herb Stevia in place of much of the sugar in our fruit recipes.

   On a busy day, breakfast in our Dining Room at Abbington Green may remind you of your own home at Thanksgiving Day dinner. You’ll find guests gathered in a friendly environment… talking, relaxing and eating well at the start of a fun and interesting day in Asheville!

    And be sure to let us know in advance about any special dietary needs or restrictions you may have. We are happy to do our very best to accommodate you.

   Come and experience Abbington Green B&B, our "bit of Britain" close to home.

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