Nick’s Notes 12.1.17–It’s a Wonderful Life

 It’s a Wonderful Life

A few nights ago I went to see Strother, one of our associates, in a performance of “Live from WVI Radio Theatre, It’s a Wonderful Life”.  Strother was amazing, and we are so proud of him!

I know many of you have seen the Jimmy Stewart film version of “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and it has become an annual thing for Steve and me to watch it for the holidays.  It always puts me in the Christmas mood and I still get a tear in my eyes in certain parts…and I do know many of the lines by heart.

I really started thinking about some of the important lines from the movie and the big picture.  The story is a reminder that through it all, each person impacts the lives of others in ways so simple, profound, and mysterious that sometimes it takes an angelic intervention to help us see the value of our existence.

In this adaptation, the playwright wrote “…we live in a world full of change. Friendships grow or sometimes fall apart, jobs and fortunes are won and lost.  In the midst of a time of great upheaval in the life of our nation, I think this story has a wonderful message that is perfect for this holiday season…”

I was reminded about this all again last week over our annual Thanksgiving Dinner at Abbington Green with our guests.  Perfect strangers to each other when they arrived, including four repeat guests visiting for the holiday. Over dinner, they bonded to the point that they passed a sheet around to get everyone’s contact information, and four of them have already booked for Thanksgiving 2018 so that they can once again celebrate the holiday together.

I always talk about how our repeat guests become part of our Abbington Green Family…and I love how our family continues to grow.  I am so lucky to have the ability to meet so many people from all over the world.  Some of them touch my life and I would like to believe that I touch their lives in someway as well.

I want Abbington Green to be a special place for our guests, where they feel at home, their needs as a guest are exceeded, and they have a wonderful time and want to return.  It’s been 3 years and I have two couples that are on their 9th visit to Abbington Green.  That’s the biggest compliment for me and reminds me that I’m doing  what I should be doing and I touch their lives in some way.  I do have a wonderful life.

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