Nick’s Notes 3.23.18–Gone But Not Forgotten

Gone But Not Forgotten

As I continue to live my dream as an Innkeeper, I find that I have the opportunity to meet many amazing people who begin as guests of the Inn.  I’ve mentioned to you before that I believe that people come into our lives for many reasons.  With that in mind, I find myself writing this blog with a heavy heart and sadness.  I’d like to dedicate this installment of Nick’s Notes to three special repeat guests that have touched our lives and have unfortunately recently passed away.  Cheri, Elaine, and Ed: you all touched my life in a way that I will always cherish.

Cheri was one of my very first guests at the Inn, back in 2014, and has the record for staying at Abbington Green for 10 visits in 3 years.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet many of her friends and her entire family during different visits.  She referred to herself as the “Matriarch of the Inn”, and one of her sons even asked me one time: “..where’s the picture of my mom in the Inn, since she’s here all the time…”  Cheri had many friends that she introduced to Abbington Green.  I know why she had so many friends…she was one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and she was always happy and smiling.  Her cancer came back last year and unfortunately this time she couldn’t beat it. I’m very happy that Cheri was a part of our Abbington Green family from the start, and she will be greatly missed.

Elaine visited Abbington Green about a half a dozen times with her husband.  During one visit they even rented the entire Inn and held their company board meeting in our dining room during the afternoons.  That was probably the turning point where I felt not only our friendship grow but also their confidence in me to host an important event at this Inn as their company meeting.  Elaine had a brain tumor, and as things started to worsen, her husband asked her where she would want to go visit and she said …Abbington Green.  We had a wonderful time with them while they were here.  Abbington Green was a place for Elaine to get away from it all, relax, and enjoy life.  That’s how I’ll remember her…enjoying the moments with her husband at Abbington Green, and the amazing hugs she always gave me when she got here.

Ed and his wife came to Abbington Green first in 2015, and returned annually.  Ed was passionate about the history of the Civil War and wrote 7 books on the subject.  They were last here in 2017 when he was speaking near Asheville and they stopped at Abbington Green for 4 nights.  I looked forward to his Christmas letters he sent us each year about all the wonderful things they did and places they visited for the year. This year, I didn’t receive a Christmas letter until January.  Ed’s wife mailed it to me with a letter of her own.  Ed had written their Christmas letter on December 1st, and passed away from complications from his heart medication on December 9th.  At the end of his wife’s letter to me she wrote, “…We had wonderful stays at Abbington Green!  Thank you for my great memories…”

I would like to thank Cheri, Elaine, Ed, and their families and friends for my great memories with each of them.  These wonderful guests, I mean friends, that touched my life and make me so proud to be an Innkeeper at Abbington Green. They truly will not be forgotten.

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  1. Ginger says:

    People cross your paths for two reasons…either you need it or they need it…perhaps this was both. I think it is divine intervention that you have made a magical place where people can have a memorable experience…and those footprints on your heart change you forever!! Thank you for being you!!

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