Abbington Green Bed & Breakfast: At Last! Cooler Weather. Sit in the Garden!

Well, I have to say…we deserve a break! Cooler, less humid weather has arrived in Asheville, NC. Great for a visit to Abbington Green Bed & Breakfast Inn. And once you’re here, how about doing absolutely nothing for a little while? What will you see when you sit in one of the gardens? A variety of things are blooming: some clematis ‘Sweet Autumn’, the striking foliage and bright flowers of canna ‘Bengal Tiger’. And not to forget: the familiar sedum ‘Autumn Joy’.

We all work pretty hard and have very scheduled lives these days. But, now and then, some quiet, some slow, deep breaths, and looking and listening in a garden does a world of good for restoring your energy.Happy End-of Summer!

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