The Vegetable Garden

Step through the next gate from the Chartreuse Garden to continue to the VEGETABLE GARDEN and GREENHOUSE.

The GREENHOUSE was added in 2015 to create a place to grow fresh herbs, spinach, and lettuce during the Winter months. Much of what we grow is used in our breakfasts each morning to add wonderful flavors. In the Spring and Summer months, the Herb Garden is moved to the porch off of the kitchen.

The VEGETABLE GARDEN is tended to and planned out by Steve every year. During the Winter season ahead of planting, Steve combs through the seed catalogs to find what he will plant in the Vegetable Garden. Tomatoes, asparagus, radishes, a variety of lettuce, carrots, spinach, peppers, and cucumbers are commonly grown in this garden. We love having fresh, homegrown produce to use in our breakfasts and 5pm Social Hour offerings such as Steve’s Mom’s recipe for Bread and Butter Pickles.