The White Rose Garden

Step around the corner from the Vegetable Garden and you’re in the WHITE ROSE GARDEN. The floral color scheme is pink and white throughout this garden.

A tiered fountain is in the center, adding soothing sounds to this space much of the year. It is surrounded by geometric raised planting beds filled with over 120 dwarf English boxwoods (buxus semperverins suffruticosa) and shrub roses in shades of white and pink.

Large containers filled with shaped juniper (J. chinenis “Robusta Green”), more boxwoods and flowers line the sides of the pea gravel paths. A pergola overhead is covered by two large climbing roses, a pale pink polyantha rose (R. Climbing Cecile Brunner”), while climbing rose (R. ”Peace”) is on the fence. Three specimen trees, “Hinoki cypress” (chameasyparis obtuse), and multicolored spiraea (S. japonica “Shirobana”), and pink Chinese lilac and Rose of Sharon add Oriental accents to the space.

To commemorate winning the Griffin Award for Historic Preservation, two statues of griffins, mythological animals which are half lion and half eagle, are at the foot of the stairs leading up to the back deck. And in one corner are two garden chairs with griffin details.